so funny

A couple of weeks ago it snowed and iced at our house. My workaholic husband wouldn't let that keep him from going to work. He went out to start our van and THE DOORS WERE FROZEN. he comes and wakes me up and ask me how to unthaw them. i told him to pour hot water in the crack but not to pour it near the windows. he comes back in the house after a little while and says it didn't work,but he got the back of the van opened and climbed through. as i started questioning him he finally came out with it and said the doors were never frozen they were locked and he realized this after he climbed through the van and looked over and he saw the door lock.

He finally made it to work.
15 years and still counting!!
Gotta Love em

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Amanda said...

so funny!!! i bet he loves that you posted this.