There is hope!!!!

As some of you know, Chris decided that he was old enough to have a girl friend this year ( while he was only 14). He was caught accepting some pretty crazy text and has had his phone taken more than he has had it. I wanted Him to realize why he should not have a girlfriend, so i did not MAKE him break it off with her. I knew he would only sneak around behind my back, but there has been no luck there until this past week!!!      
  Chris went to youth conference this past week and had a great time. I was crossing my fingers. He was not allowed to take his phone, But we did find out that the host family he was staying with let him use their computer so therefore he was able to IM his "girlfriend". He came home late sat. night, came to mine and Irwin's room and layed with us, which he likes to do a lot just to annoy us, but this time was different. Irwin had to write a letter telling him how he joined the church. We had to send it to conference for him to read. He told us that it almost made him cry. That means he did and that at Testimony meeting he almost cried, that also means he did. He said that he had broken up with his "girlfriend" and he had a new FRIEND but was not interested in Dating. I was pretty much asleep while we were talking to him but this news made me fully awake. He hates that he did not take the opportunity to go to EFY this year but has already asked to go next year. He has had a few of his friends asking constantly why he is no longer dating. he has no problem telling them he does not need a girl friend and that is that.

For chris this is a big deal. he is a follower and worries all the time what people think of him. I have told him how proud of him I am that he was able to see the importance of keeping a clean mind and body and just being a kid and enjoying life.
I am so thankful for the youth that we have here and for how they all show Chris love and guidance so he does not feel alone. And he still gets to hug those girls. Because that is one thing he is not ashamed to tell anyone. He  loves Girls!!

So you see no matter what there is always hope.
Just think, I let him drive me around all day today. He Never though that would ever happen.

Chow For Now!!


Kristen said...

I love this, Bonnie. :) I dread the teenage years, but Chris is a good kid with good parents. Maybe I'll send mine to you in a few years. :)

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...


Laura said...

What a great "Ahah" moment for Chris! That is such a tough age trying to figure out where he belongs and what he should be doing. What a relief for you to know he is doing it the right way!

Rachel said...

There is no need to rush childhood! I am glad that Chris came to the decision on his own, impressive that you could stand back and trust that he would do that Bonnie. I hope I am like that!

Megan said...

Hey Bonnie, I am your new blog stalker(-:

Chris is such a good kid! I am so proud of him too! Another one for the home team!